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Order & delivery

How do I place an order with Emergo Metal Treatment?
There are two ways to order from Emergo Metal Treatment. You can choose to create an account or you can choose to pay directly. The added value of an account is that we will keep your details, making it easier for you to place orders in the future.

Creating an account during the order process
You can choose to directly place you order and create an account during your order process. Follow the steps as indicated on your screen. During these steps you can also choose to finalize the order process without creating an account.

Directly create an account
You can also choose to first create an account. In order to create an account click on “My account” on the top right of this page. Then you choose “I'm new at Emergo Metal Treatment”. Now you can enter your details. As soon as you logged in successfully you can place an order.

Order process
Below you will find the steps involved in placing an order.
Step 1: At the article you would like to purchase, select the option “In shopping basket”
Step 2:  Click on ‘Proceed to checkout’ (or select ‘continue shopping’ in case you would like to order  more articles)
Step 3: Enter the necessary details, or check the ones filled out
Step 4: Select your billing and delivery address
Step 5: Choose the desired payment and delivery options
Step 6: Check the details of your order
Step 7: Finalize your order by clicking on "Order now"

Shopping basket
Here you can see what is in your shopping basket. In case you would like to place your order at a later time, you can choose to place the articles from your shopping basket to your wish list.

How will my order be delivered?
Orders which fit in your mailbox will be delivered from Tuesday through Saturday with PostNL. Packages which require the deliverer to ring the doorbell will be delivered by PostNL parcel service from Monday through Saturday.

When will I receive my order?
An indication of delivery is stated with each article in our shop. We have most articles in stock. Articles which are directly available from stock usually reach your house within 2 business days. For articles which aren't in stock, there are different delivery periods. These can be found next to the article concerned.

For international orders we handle different delivery periods, per order these will be communicated with you through email.

What are the delivery charges within the Netherlands?
The shipping fees depend on the size and weight of your order. When delivering within the Netherlands we use the following rates for delivery charges:
between 0 and 1 kilogram:     €   2.00
between 1 and 5 kilogram:      €   7.95
between 5 and 10 kilogram:    €   9.95
between 10 and 15 kilogram:  € 14.95
15 kilogram and up:              € 25.00-

Per order we will indicate what the shipping fee will be. Sending an order with a total amount of € 1,000 or more is free of charge within the Netherlands.

What are the shipping fees outside of the Netherlands?
First of all we'd like to refer you to our dealer page. If a dealer of our products is located in your country or region we recommend you place your order there. This could save you a considerable amount in shipping fees and potential import or customs duties.

Still would like to place your order with us? Please contact us. Emergo Metal Treatment can make you a suitable offer.

Import and customs duties
Outside of the EU import and customs duties could be charged the moment your order arrives to your country. As a customer you hold the responsibility that these charges can vary from country to country. This amount is calculated by the customs of the country of delivery. If you want to know to what extent you will need to pay these charges you should contact the customs of the concerned country.

Payment options

What are my payment options at Emergo Metal Treatment?
You can pay Emergo Metal Treatment in one or more of the following ways:

By invoice. After finalizing your order you will receive an invoice by email. You can pay this invoice just like you would a regular one. Your order will be sent as soon as we have received your payment.

Using credit card (Visa, MasterCard and American Express). You can safely enter your credit card details using our secured SSL procedure, we will ensure a correct payment procedure together with your credit card company.

Using iDEAL. This payment method is only available for orders within the Netherlands. This method will allow you to settle the payment with your own bank directly during the order process. You will pay using your familiar internet bank covered by the specific security methods of your own bank. If you use internet banking you can directly use iDEAL, without first having to register.

Using PayPal. With PayPal you can make quick and safe online payments. PayPal is fast, secure and international.

Can I return my article to Emergo Metal Treatment?
Undamaged articles can be returned free of charge under certain conditions. In case you received a damaged article we refer you to the FAQ about warranty.

Return shipping is at the account of the buyer. This means that Emergo Metal Treatment can't be held responsible for damages to the returned articles or when they go missing. Always request your post office for a tracking code and keep this code safe until the return is processed.

What conditions apply to returning articles?
The article needs to meet the following requirements to be returned:
• you can return and article within 30 days. This period starts the day after you received your order
• the article needs to be registered as a return within 30 days using the contact form on our website. More information about this you will find under “How do I return my article”
• the return will only be accepted if the article is returned in its original state and packaging. We therefore recommend you keep the packaging and attachments
• the packaging slip or the invoice should be send back in the packaging

Can I return an article even when it doesn't meet the requirements?
In case you return an article which doesn't meet the set conditions your payment obligation will not be expire. In case of doubt feel free to contact our customer service.

How do I return my article?
In order to return your article you take the following steps:
Step 1: contact the customer service of Emergo Metal Treatment. Clearly state what order it concerns and what the reason and/or cause is for your request to return.
Step 2: Emergo Metal Treatment will take your request into consideration based on the conditions. You will always receive a reply. In this reply we will tell you if you can return the article for free or not.
Step 3: In case you are returning, package the article in proper packaging and send the article within 7 business days to the mailing address of Emergo Metal Treatment.
Step 4: You initially pay the shipping fees yourself, as soon as you receive note from Emergo Metal Treatment that you may return free of charge you will receive the amount back after we received the return shipment.
Step 5: After your returned article has been received we will check the shipment to ensure it complies with the request. Once this is approved you will receive the money back within 14 days.

Returns from the Netherlands
Adhere to the steps as listed above.

Returns from other countries other than the Netherlands
Get in touch with our customer service in all cases.